The Many Patient Benefits of Having a Primary Care Medical Home

If you’re like most healthy adults, you probably see your primary care physician just a handful of times each year — once for a routine physical, once or twice when you have an infection you just can’t seem to shake, and possibly once more for your annual flu shot.

While your primary care provider is definitely your first line of defense for treating acute illness and preventing chronic disease, safeguarding your health is just one of their primary objectives. Their other main goal, which they strive to accomplish through individualized care, is to help you maintain optimal health throughout the various stages of your life.

Family Medical Specialists of Florida is a PCMH Transition office, as such, we know that exceptional primary care is a team effort that requires expertise, coordination, and accountability. Here’s how finding the right primary care medical home (PCMH) can keep you and your family healthy today, tomorrow, and in the years to come.

Comprehensive, high-quality care

Primary care physicians are tasked with meeting the vast majority of your health care needs, ranging from prevention and wellness to acute care and disease management. In any given day, a primary care doctor may:

To deliver such a comprehensive range of services without sacrificing quality or consistency, your doctor relies on two things: extensive medical training and a supportive PCMH team.

At Family Medical Specialists of Florida, our physicians are backed by an excellent team of advanced registered nurse practitioners and administrative care coordinators, all of whom work together to provide the best possible care.

Strategic, patient-centered care

Providing strategic, patient-centered care is one of our core principles. So what’s the secret to delivering individualized, whole-person care that puts your personal needs at the forefront? A strong, long-term relationship built on trust.

Part of this essential relationship-building process includes providing you with the knowledge, tools, and resources you need to engage in your own care.

By cultivating an active partnership with you and your family, your PCMH recognizes that you are a core member of your own care team, and as such, you should be fully informed and supported so you can make the best possible decisions as your health care needs continue to evolve throughout your life.  

Strategic, patient-centered care also comes in the form of accessibility and convenience. Not only are we dedicated to providing top-notch care with minimal waiting times for urgent needs, but we also offer comprehensive on-site diagnostic testing, an on-site pharmacy, and around-the-clock access to an online patient portal that helps you keep track of test results, recommended screenings, and upcoming appointments.

Safe, coordinated care

Because health care doesn’t always begin and end with your primary care provider, your PCMH team also serves as your point of access to a wide range of medical experts that specialize in specific health care needs, ranging from orthopedic surgeons to oncology physicians, maternal-fetal medicine specialists, psychiatrists, and more.  

At Family Medical Specialists of Florida, we collaborate with other clinicians and health professionals whenever the need arises. Using our connections and organizational tools, we routinely coordinate care across all segments of the broader health care system, whether you’ve been admitted to the hospital or you require home health care or specialty care.

For many older patients or people who are living with a chronic illness, coordinated care may also include medication management to decrease the occurrence of side effects and drug interactions that may affect anyone who takes multiple medications.

Family-focused care you can count on

Here at Family Medical Specialists of Florida, we’re passionate about providing the kind of comprehensive, high-quality, patient-centered, and coordinated health care that makes patients of all ages happy to call us their primary care medical home.

Call our office in Plant City, Florida, to learn more, or use our easy online tool to schedule an appointment with one of our family physicians or advanced registered nurse practitioners.  

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