Poliana Desarden, APRN

Advanced Practice Registered Nurse located in Plant City, FL

About Poliana Desarden, APRN

Poliana Desarden is a board certified Family Nurse Practitioner through the
American Association of Nurse Practitioners. She has over 20 years of
healthcare experience including clinical experience in adult primary care and
pediatrics. She is passionate about providing quality care to patients in all stages
of life. Ms. Desarden is also fluent in Spanish and loves being able to ensure
patients can effectively communicate their needs in a language they feel
comfortable speaking.
Ms. Desarden completed her undergraduate degree at Barry University School
of Nursing. She went on to earn a Masters of Science in Nursing from
Chamberlain University, where she graduated with honors. As a nurse she
specialized in clinical research, working diligently to determine the safety and
effectiveness of new treatments. Ms. Desarden conducted research in a variety
of specialties including cardiology, endocrine disorders and preventive
medicine. As a nurse practitioner, she often draws on her research experience
to ensure she is providing the highest quality evidence-based care for every
During her free time, Ms. Desarden enjoys living a healthy and active lifestyle.
She goes to the gym regularly but also enjoys dancing, gardening and jogging to
stay active. Ms. Desarden believes it is important to give back to your
community so she regularly volunteers and fundraises for her church. Most of
all, she enjoys spending quality time with her granddaughters. As a member of a
large family, Ms. Desarden understands the importance of having a healthcare
provider you can trust. She strives to care for her patients in the same way she
would want her own family treated.