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Have you fallen and broken a bone recently? You may be one of the 10 million Americans with osteoporosis, a condition known for causing weak bones. At Family Medical Specialists of Florida, PLC, the team of physicians offers bone density tests to determine your risk of osteoporosis and bone breakage. If you live in or around Plant City, Florida, and need a bone density test, call Family Medical Specialists today to book your appointment. You can even use the online scheduling tool.

Bone Density Q & A

What is a bone density test?

A bone density test allows you to find out if you have osteoporosis before you break a bone. This innovative test calculates your risk of breaking a bone and can determine how frail your bones currently are.

Bone density tests rely on X-rays to determine how much bone minerals, including calcium, are in a specific section of your bone. In most cases, they test a bone in your hip, forearm, or spine, as these have a high probability of breakage.

What happens during a bone density test?

In most cases, your bone density test is a dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) scan, sometimes referred to as a DEXA scan.

To begin the DXA test, you’re asked to lie down on a platform and a mechanical arm is placed over you. A small, moveable machine measures your bone density in various parts of your body, as it can differ depending on the location.

The whole procedure takes between 10-30 minutes.

Do I need a bone density test?

Not everyone needs a bone density test. The team at Family medical Specialists of Florida often recommend it when a patient is at high risk for developing osteoporosis, to measure the progression of osteoporosis, or to monitor how osteoporosis treatment is working.

Your doctor may recommend you have a DXA scan if you’ve:

  • Lost height
  • Fractured a bone
  • Taken long-term steroids
  • Received a transplant
  • Experienced a drop in hormones

If you have a family history of osteoporosis, you may have a higher risk for developing weak bones and your doctor may advise you to have a DXA scan.

When you’re at risk for broken bones, don’t wait until it happens. Be proactive and schedule your bone density test at Family Medical Specialists of Florida today. Call the office or go online to book.

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